4" MINI PORTABLE USB POWERED FAN - Black Table Desk Computer Laptop Cooling Fan

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PORTABLE DESK FAN - This desktop portable desk fan is ideal for cooling down your workstation - Simply place on your desk and angle to face you - You'll feel a cooling breeze in no time
COMPACT YET POWERFUL - The 2.5W motor allows the fan to offer a consistent and cooling breeze - The trapezia base makes the fan sturdy on any desk
EASY-TO-USE - Fitted with an easy-to-use switch system, this desktop fan is simple to operate without the need for complex instructions
FOUR BLADES - The four blades in this 4-inch table fan deliver a consistent current of air travelling through the fan and towards your workspace
TABLE TOP COOLING - At just 4 inches tall and powered by USB, this fan is ideal for desktop or table top cooling - It's sleek design will fit neatly into your room or office
‎16 x 15.75 x 9.65 cm; 300 Grams
Package Contents:
1 x 4" Mini Portable Fan