50 FAT BALLS SUET WILD BIRD FOOD TREATS - (please select amount from drop down menu)

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  • Treat your feathered friends to these delicious high fat, high energy treats. 
  • Suitable for feeding year round.
  • Attracts most wild birds to your garden.
  • Simply hang in a fat ball feeder in a convenient spot or just place on your bird table.
  • Each ball contains Wheat, Oats, Sunflower, Animal Fats and minerals.
  • Very easy for the bird to digest and metabolise.
  • Suitable for all wild birds at any time of the year.
  • Every order is packed fresh to ensure the freshness of the Balls. 
  • Available in sizes from a sample up to 300 balls.
  • Some balls may break in transit, this is just the nature of Fat Balls, however the broken ones will still be able to be used to feed the birds.

Product description:
A complementary food for wilds birds.

Attracts a wide array of wild birds including Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, Jays, Finches, Siskin and Starlings.

Supplied without nets for added bird safety.

Place ball on a bird table or in a suitable fat ball feeder.

1 Fat ball - 5cm (H) x 5cm (W) x 5cm (D) - 80g

Package Contents:
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1 Fat ball
10 Fat balls
25 Fat balls
50 Fat balls
100 Fat balls