ASTONISH CONCENTRATED FLOOR CLEANER - Powerful Dirt Repelling With Lasting Fragrance Yellow Lemon 1l

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  • Tough on Dirt and Grime: A hard working versatile cleaner for a thorough full house clean, our cleaning sprays are specially formulated to give an intense disinfection for simple hassle-free cleaning
  • Leaves Lasting Shine: Restore your floor throughout your home making them as good as new. With a specialist formula you will get the gleaming lasting sparkle you’ve always desired
  • Dirt Repelling Technology: Help protect the floor surface from further nuisance staining and lasting damage by leaving behind a protective coating after each application
  • Lasting Sweet Scent: Banish those unpleasant odours with the beautiful sharp Zesty Lemon fragrance, bringing the outside in proving all day freshness. Fragrances the air in your home with a pure refreshing aroma
  • Easy to Use: Safe for use on most non-porous, hard surface flooring using a versatile range of applications methods. Making your housework simple and hassle-free


At Astonish we understand the real cleaning challenges you face every day, we’ve spent over 40 years ensuring our products help you to get the job done right.

General household cleaners for all your every-day cleaning needs, from streak-free glass to sparkling floors. Quality products that get results, providing a safe environment for 

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1 x Astonish Floor Cleaner