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  • Ready-to-use 450 g ant and insect killer powder to control ants, cockroaches, earwigs and woodlice in homes, patios and gardens
  • Fast-acting, puffer pack insecticidal powder to treat crevices and cracks in indoor and outdoor areas and control crawling insects
  • Ant and insect powder treats up to 25 sq m and kills bugs on contact
  • Apply insect killer powder to entrances of ants nests, entry points and along the ant's route in the home; ensure corners, cracks and crevices are treated
  • Contains permethrin


Ant and Insect Killer Powder, 450 g from Defenders is a ready to use powder for killing and controlling ants. Features a puffer pack for crevice and crack treatments in homes, patios and gardens. Treats up to 25 sq m with permethrin to ensure an effective method of killing and controlling ant infestations. Is also useful as a control of cockroaches, earwigs and woodlice.

Direction of use:

Shake the container before use. Remove the cap and pointing at the area to be treated, apply a fine dust of powder. Shake the pack during use if required with the cap on.
Apply the powder to where ants are running and into the ants nest. Ensure that the corners, crevices and cracks are treated where the ants hide. If ants are entering the home, apply powder to ant's route and entry points.
Avoid applying to wet or damp surfaces in the home. Repeat treatment as required. Always wash hands after use.


‎25.2 x 27.3 x 18.7 cm; 450g

Package content: 

1 x 450g bottle