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Dried to under 20%
Ready to Burn
Environmentally friendly cardboard packaging ♻
Burns with a bright flame & a high heat
Typically 12 - 14 logs in each box, each log is 25cm long by 8 - 15cm in diameter
EcoBlaze kiln-dried bagged Firewood is a brand new boxed Firewood.
Hand packed with the highest grade of premium Birch.
Our Birch is cut, split & kiln dried, each bag of EcoBlaze receives an extra day in the kiln to ensure it's our driest firewood with moisture under 20%.
Convenient 20 litre cardboard box allows for easy storage & with convenient handholds either side.
This boxed firewood one of the first of its type to move away from single-use plastics without compromising on the quality of the product.
Our Ecoblaze Kiln Dried logs are perfect for use in your Pizza Oven.
EcoBlaze firewood is kiln-dried to under 16% in moisture then pre-cut & split 25cm logs, the perfect size for the majority of pizza ovens.
Birch logs when burnt give all the burning qualities you need for your pizza oven! Why are they the best for pizza ovens? Birch logs ignite incredibly effortlessly and give out very little smoke when they burning, birch also burns with a fierce blaze ensuring you can easily reach a high cooking temperature for epic crispy pizza results.

Package Contents:
1 x Eco Blaze