FIREGLOW INSTANT LIGHTING FIRELOG - BURNS 90 MINUTES (Select amount of firelogs from drop down menu)

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• Easy and quick way to light your fire
• Burn for up to 90 minutes
• Great for all open fires, fire pits and Chimineas
• Clean and easy to use
• Not suitable for barbecues or stoves
• Not suitable for heating food
• Environmentally friendly
• Made from compressed wax and sawdust


Product Description:

Stay warm the environmentally friendly way with these amazing Fireglow Firelogs.
Fireglow Firelogs are great when you come back home on a freezing cold night and need to start the fire as quickly as possible to heat up the place. With Fireglow Firelogs it is clean and easy!
Simply place one Fireglow Firelog inside the wrapper on the floor of your chimney or Chiminea and ignite the wrapper. It will burn solidly for up to 90 minutes all on its own, plenty of time to get a fire going.
Made from compressed wax and sawdust, each of these instant lighting fire logs will keep you warm for around 1.5 hours.



1 Log: 6.5cm (H) x 28cm (W) x 8cm (D) - 700g

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