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Hanson Drive Repair Asphalt is a 6mm grade ready to use cold lay asphalt for instant, temporary repairs to domestic driveways and paths.
Hanson Drive Repair Asphalt is produced using carefully selected raw materials and strict quality control throughout each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure a consistent final product is achieved.
Hanson Drive Repair Asphalt is suitable for a number of domestic applications including repairing driveways and footpaths and filling potholes.
Ensure the area to be repaired is dry and edges are solid/sound and not friable.
Sweep the area and remove all debris including weeds and roots.
NOTE: When overlaying very smooth surfaces such as concrete, the use of a spray-on bitumen tack coat is recommended to extend the life of the repair.
Use a rake or spade to spread the Drive Repair Asphalt to the required thickness, remembering to be slightly proud of the hole to allow for compaction.
Use a flat heavy object for ‘tamping’ such as a tamper or mechanical plate compactor.
Wet the tamper frequently to stop the Drive Repair Asphalt sticking to the tool and ‘picking up’
NOTE: When repairing deep potholes (greater than 30mm) lay the Drive Repair Asphalt in two stages. Ensuring the first layer is fully compacted before spreading the next layer and compacting to the required finished surface level
In warm weather it can be beneficial to lightly dust a little dry sand over the surface after compaction to help reduce ‘picking up’ of the fresh material as it sets.
The coverage rate of Hanson Drive Repair Asphalt is approximately 0.4m2 per bag, when compacted to a depth of 30mm.
Not suitable for heavily trafficked areas, or areas exposed to high stress such as turning.
Protect the newly laid surface from caravan legs, motorbike kickstands and other similar high loadings.
Do not place heavy and sharp objects on the newly laid surface.
Protect the newly laid surface from vehicle tyres and power steering action.
Timber sheets can spread loading of vehicle tyres but will also reduce oxidation which is required for the product to harden. Therefore do not leave permanently covered as this will extend the time taken to fully harden.
Drive Repair Asphalt should be placed within the temperature range of 5°C to 30°C.
The workability of the Drive Repair Asphalt will improve if the outside temperature is above 10°C.
The material may be prone to marking and deformation during early life and warm conditions.
The time taken to fully harden will depend on the degree of compaction and ambient conditions.
Surface finish can be improved by further tamping.
After prolonged storage or in cold conditions, it may be necessary to expose the bag of the Drive Repair Asphalt to direct sunlight for 1-2 hours prior to opening to loosen the material and restore workability.
Hanson cannot be held responsible for poor workmanship

Package Contents:
1 x Hanson Asphalt Drive Repair 25kg