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  • 5-piece set: the Envo reusable straw set is supplied with four stainless steel straws and a 20 cm nylon and steel cleaning brush. Use straws while traveling, keeping them clean before and after use.
  • Not only do our reusable metal straws help the environment by using less plastic. The packaging used for the straws is 100% recyclable.
  • Safe stainless steel: the metal straws are made of 304 stainless steel. The straws do not have a bad metal aftertaste and are completely safe to use with any drink such as water, smoothies, wine, milkshakes and much more.
  • Perfect for all containers: the metal straws have a length of 21.5 cm and have a diameter of 6 mm. The metal is 0.35mm thick, making it ideal for use with any glass, mug, bottle, mug or glass.
  • Save the planet: 500 billion disposable straws end up as landfill every year - Do your part for the environment and lose plastic by replacing them with these reusable metal straws.

Product Description:
Our ENVO reusable metal straw set contains four metal straws and a cleaning brush. The straws are made of 304 stainless steel and have a length of 21.5 cm. Use straws on every occasion to help the environment by protecting the teeth. It helps reduce the number of disposable straws as a landfill which currently amounts to 500 billion annually. The straw packaging is 100% recyclable.


20cm (H)

Package Contents:
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