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  • Rodent protection: The strong bittering agent and natural plants oils are repugnant to rodents, stopping them from causing damage in households
  • Easy to apply: poison and chemical-free rodent deterrent lacquer can be sprayed onto surfaces to prevent rats and mice from chewing or biting treated areas
  • All-natural formulation: safe for use around children and pets, the all-natural, quick-dry formulation reduces rat and mouse damage without the use of chemicals
  • Up to 6 months protection: anti rodent lacquer can be applied to hard surfaces including electrical cabling and insulation
  • Versatile use: spray anywhere in the home, or in commercial premises. Suitable for protecting against rodent damage in garages, sheds, outbuildings, boats, lofts, farms and cellars


Ultra Power Anti Rodent Lacquer from The Big Cheese contains a quick-dry formulation which forms a water-resistant protective film over the treated surface. Simply spray on the area under attack by rats or mice - rodents will be deterred from chewing or biting into the treated area. Contains a bittering agent and natural plant oils. Ideal for use in and around domestic and commercial properties, as well as on farms and other agricultural premises.


‎15 x 6.5 x 29.5 cm; 610 Grams

Package Contents:

1 X The Big Cheese Lacquer 600ml